Hello dear:

My name is Eva. Appointment can be arranged via WhatsApp and I will respond promptly. I accept appointments from early morning till midnight. (After midnight if you have too much stress and need me then I will consider your appointment)

I take safety very seriously, i am vaccinated for COVID19.

I am an independent_personal therapist who lives in Wan Chai (Star Street). Welcome to my lovely Studio which very nice and clean. Of course it is completely private. This is the perfect place to take a break and enjoy a relaxing experience. 

I am originally from China, in 2013 I moved to Hong Kong from New York. I am a fully qualified massage therapist with more then 6  professional diplomas in various massage techniques and over 10 years experience in all forms of professional techniques.

Life has many ups and downs with so much going on in the world.  In our daily lives, we can easily get stuck at work or emotional problems and end up feeling exhausted. If you are looking for a good quality experience then you can be confident you have found the right place. and you will find me to be a very warm, friendly and pleasant person.

With my professional massage skills you will feel relaxed and renewed after each session.  I am trained in psychological techniques which allows me to tailor your sessions to work on your specific goals and needs. I love showing my patients how just a few treatments can make an enormous difference to their health..... 


I am also trained in many different spiritual treatments which have incredible and lasting effects on my patients physical and mental health. These techniques include Soulful Erotic Massage-GED_Girlfriend Experience Full Service-Mistress-Roleplay-Fetishes to cater to your desires. 


My Pictures

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words, but did you feel a lot of people lie about age or being professional, if you don't want get any trouble then you need to be very careful when selecting someone. I think having someone who can speak good English so your needs are truly understood and professional service with a good personality and with the good conversation are more important then a thousand photoshopped pictures..........

Sorry I am not big on promoting my face. Be honest am 40’s, I exercise regularly, 1.65m tall, slim and very fit and healthy.  I regularly get told I'm looks half my age and more beautiful in real life than my pictures, particularly my slender, toned and athletic body. So please respect my privacy and do not ask me for any more photos, if you ask me then I may need block you. My photos shown here are perfect and should be enough.... Know that I provide a professional service and would be happy to help you with your needs as illustrated in my website that helps you relax and restores your health.


Welcome to my lovely Studio which very nice and clean. Of course it is completely private. This is the perfect place to take a break and enjoy a relaxing experience. 

When you are here I may ask you to take a quick shower to clean your private areas, or use mouthwash freshens 



Enjoy the Soul Erotic Massage, that's a is a new intimate term.  It's completely relaxing with a professional Sports Massage pain relief packages: Using aromatherapy choose Prostate, Sensual, Tantric  Body to Body or Nuru Massage all over for your horny excitement, making your brain dance with relaxing music - You won't be able to get enough of me! This massage carries a higher price but I promise the experience will be absolutely amazing and you'll be back for more.



Don't want to go out?  Welcome to make an appointment for Outcall Service to your home or hotel room, After service then you can have a good rest and enjoy a very restful sleep.


Noted: Before I arrive, Please take a shower.  Also, please arrange to have 2 or 3 large towels available, if you don't have it then let me know then i will bring one or two with me and I usually bring a disposable mat.

Pain can be troubling and complicated .There can be many treatments  ranging from medication to massage therapies , mind body techniques or acupuncture. Chronic pain treatment is as diverse as its causes.I will use deep tissue massage using high quality organic essential oils .In my years of experience i have found deep tissue aromatherapy massage to be most efficient method in releiving pain 


Sports Massage is a form of Massage therapy with a sports specific focus.  It is not just for professional athletes but actually for anyone who regularly plays a sport or keeps fit at a gym for example using specific muscles frequently. This can also help  people involved either in long days in front of the computer or in more intense physical endeavors. 


For pain healing a great option is to try aromatherapy meridians massage for an extraordinary and absolutely amazing experience. I have many regular clients who make appointments before or after a long journey, after a challenging day at work and often to reduce various sport related pain. After a massage, pain naturally decreases and your sessions will become more relaxed. To further relieve tension and lingering twinges, a favoured approach is to combine pain relief or sports massage with a package of sensual, tantric, erotic massage or more. This can be most enjoyable and relaxing.

Prostate Massage & Orgasm. Have you ever wondered what a Prostate Massage is? Sensual massage with prostate stimulation. Some men find that prostate stimulation provides sexual pleasure and additional sensory pleasures. The prostrate is situated about 2-3 inches inside the anal canal.  It is a very important part of men’s natural sexual cycle as it is the source for sexual hormones that create sex drive.  


Most men often overlook prostate massage as part of a healthy massage therapy As men reach the age of 50 or older, they can be afflicted by prostasis, an inflammation of the prostate, as it starts to slow down due to reduced sexual activity.  Today more and more men suffer from prostate problems which can manifest as an inability to urinate or to have to get up several times a night causing more stress as sleep is affected  and can lead to prostate cancer which seems to become more and more common.That is why I would recommend most men to have have a regular prostate massage which may be most useful to prevent either future prostate problems which may become life threatening or to relieve existing symptoms. Even doctors advise men over 50 to actually get hand relief or sexual intercourse relief in order to keep the prostate active. Frequent Erotic Massage with Prostate Stimulation is a prefect prescription for improving your sex drive.  Of course, you can enjoy the benefit of prostate massage at any age after 18.




I have made prostate massage my speciality over the years to help men avoid  what could be serious prostate problems in the future and at the same time keep a healthy prostate and an invigorating sex life.To enhance the effectiveness of the prostate massage I use a special blend of essential aromatherapy oils to eliminate any risk of infection.  I can assure you that apart from keeping you healthy and problem free you will truly enjoy my prostate massage experience.

The prostate gland is stimulated with fingers, using protective gloves, beginning with slow movements to improve circulation and re-energize stagnant energy. Stimulation increases hormones which contribute to the man’s life force, keeping healthy energy and helping to maintain overall good health. 


If this is your first time, let me reassure you that I will always explain what I am doing step by step and will be gentle to help you relax. What you may find is that your first prostate massage is one of the most interesting, enjoyable and unforgettable experiences you will ever have. After a prostate orgasm some of my clients cry and call me master.

There are many other practices within Role play and Dark Tantra. These are just an introduction to this exciting and erotic world, if you are not sure what you would like then you can talk to me (once you are here, please do not on the phone or message to waste our time) about your desires and depending on my mood I will suggest some truly amazing experiences beyond your wildest imagination..You will be pleasantly surprised.


Sports Massage

Sensual Massage

Tantric Massage

Body to Body Massage

Nuru Massage

Prostate Massage-Orgasm's

Soul Erotic Massage




Humiliation, sissification, Bondage and Forced Femdom

Come On Body

Foot fetish


Fisting-Dildo-Strap on-Pegged

Sex toys




Body worship

Tie and tease

Lap dancing


Golden Showers-urinating

Animal roleplay

Sexual roleplay and more...

Are you stressed out? Then try something new. If role plan or fetish play excites you then this could be the soul erotic massage package for you. Perhaps add a Sports Muscle Pain Relief then forget about all pressure.


If you have never tried it, here’s your chance to experiment. I think that trying something different can bring enhanced sexual pleasures, simply because it is exciting and new. By the physical experience of sensual stimulus, it can take you to different places that have not been tapped! Please know  I do not do anything that does not agree with your natural instincts. Prostate Orgasm and Fisting is often favored in role play or dark mild domination massages, for fun and extra spice! Role play releases parts of our hidden creative sides which lie often hidden or dormant. It can help release tension and at same time give you great pleasure.

Act out your Role play fantasies or indulge your Foot Fetish desires in a exciting and playful environment.

There are many other practices within Role play and Dark Tantra. These are just an introduction to this exciting and erotic world.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be seduced by your school teacher, headmistress, maid, doctor, nurse or secretary wearing high heels or a pretty dress ,whatever makes you excited .

Take a scene out of any movie or your imagination such as you may want to experience. I will act out the part or any other fantasy you have in mind, so long as it adheres to our liking too!

Tantric massage combined with sports massage and pain relief massage packages allow you to forget any pain and give yourself over to absolute pleasure. The natural aromatherapy ensures a healthy aspect to the the ultimate satisfaction. After a challenging work schedule, tantric massage will clear the mind and allow a rebalance and recharge of your focus. And of course the massage feels amazing. 

Tantric massage is a hands-on practice that differs from traditional massage because it incorporates the tantric essence of shakti (also known as energy), This form of massage works to remove blockages modern people face, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, even psychosomatic and spread it throughout your whole body.


Aromatherapy Body to Body Massage

This massage is extremely sensual. There will be skin touching skin, arousing every part of your naked body. The service combines the benefits of an erotic massage with the full contact of a breathtaking naked woman. ​Traditional massages uses just the hands while body to body massages allows a masseuse to utilise her entire body, including her seductive, shapely curves, breasts and legs, to massage you to a full and satisfying completion. 


Soulful Erotic Massage-GFE full service
paired with soulful erotic massage; the girlfriend experience centers around relaxation and role-playing. This special experience will fulfill your romantic desires, satisfy your intimacy needs, while catering to your emotional and physical well-being. This may include soft kissing and/or other physical signs of affection; going on dates, or presenting in public as a romantic partner. You will get to enjoy and appreciate all the best parts of a relationship without any of the commitments or strings attached. We can spend time to get to know each other, explore the things you are passionate about, share experiences or travel together. You can rely on me to make you feel comfortable with my playful, engaging, passionate, and flirtatious nature. I regularly perform body checkups, keep fit to maintain a sexy and healthy figure, and expect us to maintain a level of safety. Of course, I can tell you more, and I would love to hear your thoughts as well.

My Girlfriend Experience: 
This new special experience is about building short- or long-term intimacy during the time that we spend together. There is nothing better than having a caring, comfortable companion with whom to share experiences. You will be treated to a friendly and flirty girlfriend who is interested in you, and I hope our desires will intensify with each time we meet. Our time can be spent on exploring things you are passionate about, chatting about your day, or simply cuddling with a glass of wine or two, watching a movie or having dinner. You can expect me to be engaged, enthusiastic, and connected in our conversations, as it is important that I get to know you as you get to know me. This experience is ideal for those getting over a breakup, in need of companionship for a trip, getaway or staycation, lacking intimacy in other relationships, or maybe just to have a loving voice to talk to. There are mutual boundaries that need to be respected, but tell me more about you, I am getting excited just thinking about it.


Indulge your senses with a sensual massage to you will never forget. Sensual massage is often partnered with harder sports and pain relief massage package and provides a rebalancing and satisfying conclusion to these therapeutic treatments. Sensual Massage uses natural and organic aromatherapy to stimulate and satisfy the senses of the client and safely in the hands of  a trained and attentive masseuse, never disappoints.

The sense of touch is extremely important for sexuality. Sensual massage is a way to incorporate the sense of touch into sexual activity. It is used by couples all over the world as a way to enhance romantic and sexual life. Beyond the sexual aspects, sensual massage also provides health benefits.



I have many years experience providing Nuru Massage and have developed my own erotic techniques. My unique skills allows me to combine the erotic experience with sports massage to ensure that the end of a long stressful day to feel distressed and alleviate your aches and pains.

Whether just erotic or a combination of both I will be able to please you and meet all your desires.


Pick up a Sports Massage Muscle Pain Relief Packages is excellent, I promise my magic hands will take away all your stress.


If you work long hours in front of the computer or suffer from jet-lag and sports muscle pain, a relaxing massage and sleep are great solutions. 60 minutes is a great start, however, if you have various sports-related pain. Stiff Neck, Shoulders, Back Pain (such as peri arthritis of the shoulder, Cervical, Sciatica, or Various neuralgias). then I suggest you schedule 90 minutes or 120 minutes for a fantastic experience. Longer appointments are available if my schedule allows. 

   A.    Sensual Massage+Body to Body Packages

         +Sports Muscle Pain Relief. More Details  >>>

          60 mins HK1500, 90 mins HK2000.


   B.   Tantric Massage+Body to Body Packages 

          +Sports Muscle Pain Relief. More Details  >>>

          60 mins HK1500, 90 mins HK2000, 


   C.   Prostate Massage+Body to Body Packages

          +Sports Muscle Pain Relief. More Details  >>>

          60 mins 1500. 90 mins HK2000. 


   D.   Stress Relief-Fetish Desires-Packages

         +Sports Muscle Pain Relief-Tantric-Relaxing Sensual

         -Body to Body-Nuru-Soul Erotic Massage-BJ-Rimming

         -Prostate Orgasm's-Beads-Dildo-Roleplay-Mistress

         -Spanking,-Tie & Tease-Body worship & More

          60 mins 2000. 90 mins HK3000. 

          2 hours HK4000. More Details  >>>


  E.  Top-Level-Soul Erotic Massage-GFE Full Service

       60 mins 3000. 90 mins HK4000. 

       2 hours HK5000. 3 hours 7000. More Details  >>>


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