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What is a Japanese Nuru Massage?

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

The ancient art of Nuru Massage originated in ancient Japan. Nuru is a Japanese term for 'slippery', referring to the way the masseuse uses body to body techniques and spectacularly slides on her client. The whole experience is not only invigorating but possibly one of the most sexually arousing of all tantric massages available, with many people preferring it to sex. In particular, the masseuse uses their naked body to slip and slide the client into a world of bliss and ultimately a very happy ending.

What is Nuru Gel?

Nuru gel is a special medium that is mixed with water to form a thick gel. The gel is an ancient mixture of natural ingredients, with the main substance being ‘Nori’, an extract of seaweed that is found in very deep water on Japan’s coast. The Nuru oil also has other botanicals added to it including ingredients such as grapefruit extract, Aloe Vera gel and other herbs. Nuru gel has a unique slippery consistency and offers many beneficial effects on the skin.

What Happens in a Nuru Massage and What are Some of the Techniques?

Nuru massage is traditionally done on an air mattress or waterproof sheet on the bed. The main concept of this type of Japanese erotic massage is to have the masseuse use their nude body to slide you into arousal and ultimate muscular relaxation. To begin with, warm water is added to the Nuru gel to create the wonderfully slippery substance. When the right temperature is reached the masseuse applies it to her body in front of the client which is a spectacular sight to watch.

Once the masseuse is fully covered in the gel, she proceeds to apply it to the recipient. The masseuse, now begins to rub and slide her body against the client. Using different body to body techniques, she will perform spectacular body slides which aims to relax the body into a state of utter bliss.

How To Perform Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a wonderful practice which can be enjoyed by many people, whether you’re single or in a relationship. This nuru massage guide will teach you how to perform nuru massage so you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own surroundings. These nuru massage techniques will help you to enjoy the full health benefits of nuru massage, providing you with a step-by-step approach, as well as tips and techniques to ensure you and your partner receive arousing stimulation of the mind and body. Let’s get down to our step-by-step nuru massage guide. Use these nuru massage techniques the next time you want to unwind with a partner.

  1. Step 1: Prepare for your nuru massage You may be tempted to skip this part and go straight to the exciting bit. Trust me though, preparation is an essential part of any erotic massage. To get the most out of the nuru experience, you need to ensure both you and your partner are comfortable. You may wish to lie on a mattress like an air mattress. This type of mattress is the perfect choice for nuru massage as both your bodies can slide around comfortably. Just make sure that you use a vinyl mattress if you wish to avoid stains from the nuru gel.

  2. Step 2: Nuru Gel Preperation Before mixing your nuru gel, take some time to set the ambience in the room. If you’re in a relationship, you may want to create a romantic setting with candles, soft music and dimmed lights. Even if you’re not in a relationship, these aspects can set the tone for a sensual massage session. Having a steamy shower or bath can increase the sensuality of the experience. Being wet also helps the nuru gel to work better as you can slide along each other more freely and really explore every part of each other’s bodies. The nuru gel is a thick, transparent gel which helps you and your partner to stimulate each other. Don’t worry, you don’t need to create this product yourself as you can purchase a ready made solution. However, you’ll need to keep a bowl of water near your mattress to mix the nuru solution into a gel consistency.

  3. Step 3: Eye Contact Eye contact is crucial for an intimate nuru experience. While nuru massage is all about sensual touching, communicating with each other helps to enhance the pleasure. If you’re a couple hoping to improve your love life or relationship, communication and eye contact is key.

  4. Step 4: Nuru Gel Application Now you’re ready for the start of nuru massage. Before using any nuru massage techniques, you need to apply your nuru gel. As the masseuse, sit on the back of your partner’s thighs. It’s important that your partner is lying on their front, feeling relaxed. Slowly begin to apply the nuru gel to their back and thighs and start to massage it into their skin, helping them to further unwind. You can increase the pressure slightly so that both participants can take pleasure from this technique.

  5. Step 5: Slide Your Body Up and Down The next nuru massage technique is to slide your body up and down, focusing on sensitive areas to stimulate sensual feelings. Take your time gliding into the lower back and buttock areas. Remember to enjoy each moment.

  6. Step 6: Exert Extra Pressure Now you can start to put a little extra pressure on your partner’s body. Start by gripping their thighs, gliding up and down onto the back with your buttocks. You can use circular motions or simply move up and down depending on how you feel. The key is to make it pleasurable for your partner, and for you to enjoy the sensations as well.

  7. Step 7: Turn Onto Your Front This is when things really start to heat up. Using your palms, rest your weight onto the front of your body and slide over your partner’s bum. Once you’ve done this, hold your body steady and use your foot to gently massage your partner’s back. You can use alternative feet if you find yourself feeling unsteady.

  8. Step 8: Erotic Stimulation Nuru massage is a highly erotic massage so it’s only natural that this step is included in our nuru massage guide. Continuing from the last step, put your hands around your partner’s ankles so you can glide up and down their body. Using body to body touch gives a burst of excitement, heightening those erogenous zones with arousal.

  9. Step 9: Feet Flexing Sit between your partner’s thighs and bring their feet up to your chest. Stretch the muscles so that your partner can feel your breast area with his feet (you may need to sit forward slightly to do this). As an alternative, you can sit on one of your partner’s thighs, switching between them. Rest on your partners back and buttocks while switching positions to give some added va-va-voom to your massage.

  10. Step 10: Lie On Your Partners Back For this step, lie directly on your partners back, placing your arms around their waist. Rotate your body so it continually comes into contact with their buttock area. Slowly massage this area with your body to build up the erotic energy between you. Use your hands to massage around his waist while moving your lower body.

Step 11: Visual Contact

If your partner wants to catch a glimpse of you in action, finish the massage by sitting on their lower back. Gently glide over the buttock area, using your feet to massage their upper back. You’ll need to balance yourself by placing your hands onto the mattress. You may need to raise your body up slightly, so your full weight isn’t on your partners back. Use gentle sliding motions, up and down to make your partner tingle.

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